Yamaha U1 Upright Piano Reconditioned For Sale UK

Yamaha U1 Reconditioned Polished Black Upright Piano; 2121987
View our used Yamaha U1 upright pianos online in our video showroom! This particular model has a serial number of 2121987 and was manufactured around 1971 by Yamaha in Japan.

You can view this instrument on our website at this link:

Included in the price of this Yamaha piano is free delivery to England postcodes, a matching height adjustable piano stool, 5 year parts warranty and a complimentary first tuning. You can purchase your used Yamaha piano with confidence from Bonners Piano Centre.

Yamaha U1 Second Hand Polished Black Upright Piano; 2121987


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Yamaha U1 Second Hand Polished Black Upright Piano; 121509


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Post time: 09-08-2017