What is Interactive Metronome?

Interactive Metronome (IM) is an market leading biometric technological know-how that measures and improves human timing. Timing is one particular of the most important components in human functionality. It is critical for all neurological functions.

Our capacity to emphasis and procedure data accurately is all a subject of timing, no matter if it is house, faculty, operate or enjoy your brain is dependent on rapid and synchronous neural timing for:
– Aim
– Govt Perform
– Processing of Facts
– Pace and Precision
– Motor Coordination

IM’s custom controls present flexibility and enable for a large variety of client populations. This allows you to customise exercises and configurations for the specific desires of each client.

IM responds to a client’s functionality furnishing quick auditory and visual responses indicating no matter if they are hitting right before, just after or in synch. Like a conductor in an orchestra, IM engages the different networks in your brain building them collaborate into a more powerful, far more productive, concentrating processing symphony.

Improved neurological timing has quite a few positive aspects:
– Superior Aim & Activity Completion
– Self-Recognition & Self-Regulation
– Studying
– Academics
– Speech
– Language
– Gait
– Harmony
– Coordination

Interactive Metronome is devoted to measuring and improving upon human potential we all share, in a word it is TIMING.

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Post time: 10-22-2016