Wale ft. Usher – Matrimony

Wale Ft. Usher – The Matrimony

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Title: The Matrimony
Artist: Wale feat. Usher
Album: The Album About Very little [2015]


[Hook - Usher:]
If there is a dilemma of my heart, you’ve got bought it
It will not belong to any one but you
If there is a dilemma of my appreciate, you’ve got bought it
Infant will not be concerned, I have bought programs for you
Infant, I have been building programs, oh appreciate
Infant, I have been building programs
Infant, I have been building programs
Infant, I have been building programs for you

My sincerest apologies, I suggest it
I’ll confess it, all getting pathetic
I am in my late 20s still under no circumstances been to a wedding day
Guess the thought of that foyer empty do not sit with me nicely
It is not your fault they try out to get me, trigger I’ma need to sail
Trigger I am selfish and I need you to myself
Tryna see you afloat but will not wanna see you on sale
Trigger I unsuccessful and see you bout to cry
Trigger when I enter they city they leave with out they pleasure
And I am sorry, and you starin’ at my reviews
Fearin’ it is gone normally be you sharin’ me with all them
Mistaken, how dare I say disregard them
Planning for that working day, I leave you listed here and switch you for them
It is challenging, you know temptation and all
Out listed here tryna see if my relationship’s sturdy
Get a place in the charts or runaway from your heart
Gave this tunes my all, absolutely nothing is sacred no more
I am erroneous
But I am promisin’ you superior even though
And your close friends sayin’ enable him go
And we ain’t gettin’ any youthful
I can give up now but I can assure you endlessly even though


I’ll confess it, enable me be hypothetic
The working day I uncover a gals I prolly be frightened to share it
The thought of me finding appreciate would run someone off
And real my wall could use some plaques but still I bought the flooring
Brush you off, see I am kinda dropped
Now I am up in the club with a few of Transfer On’s
And dim, troubled heart
Went from fallin’ in appreciate to drunk and fallin’ apart
This is challenging, tryna uncover some time to go on
Trigger when we dropped our toddler, I bought shady she bought too dim
Delicate, and I thank you toddler, you sturdy
My ex ahead of you married to, you solo I say so extensive
Nah, superior conditions how that ended
But it certainly place a dent in how I be concerned about this business enterprise
Off white picket fences, more flights with the youngsters
On web page stealin’ kisses on off nights my intentions
But, I system to do it superior even though
But you still sayin’ enable it go
We ain’t gettin’ any youthful
Women appreciate me now but in your eyes we endlessly even though


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