Trots. The Magic of the Metronome for better rhythm and balance S3 Dressage training

“How to Improve a Horse’s Rhythm and Balance in the Trot with the Metronome”

It’s amazing what a metronome can do for a horses balance. By finding the right rhythm we can improve the gaits of a horse, which also makes them more comfortable to ride. If you are showing, the judges will notice the difference between a horse with regular gaits, and one that is going in and out of rhythm. It shows in how the horse uses its legs! In this session, Susan is focusing on the trot rhythm. As you will see, the quality of Beau’s gaits gets better. I did use the term “flipping his toes” when Beau started to move better from his shoulder. This was the first time he started “floating” at the trot which means he was carrying an even weight on all four legs. Not the same as a horse that is flipping its front legs… This year, Susan and Beau competed in the USDF Finals and out of 24 US Regional Champions placed 4th with a score of 70. 20%.

Have you ever thought of using a metronome or playing music (with the right rhythm) to improve your horses gaits?

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Post time: 12-20-2016