Traditional mountain dulcimer BEGINNER#9 Muted strum rhythm practice

For beginners learning to play Appalachian mountain dulcimer in the old traditional style. Here is a way to really IMPROVE your strumming rhythm without driving others crazy! Try muted rhythm strums, it’s fun! Includes some varied strum rhythms to practice.
If you need a lot of help in keeping a steady rhythm, use a metronome (you can even use one online!) or play your muted rhythm practice right along with a favorite cd of yours.
This video is part of my traditional mountain dulcimer noter and drone playing BLOG for beginners:

Come join us as well on Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer, an online community where you can get help and support in learning to play in any style, make new dulcimer friends, and create your very own dulcimer homepage:

It’s friendly and welcoming, and all free…see you there! :)

Post time: 09-02-2017