The Super Bowl Half Time Ritual

Sandy Hook has kept me so preoccupied, that I had almost forgotten to show what ritual elements I found that relate to the 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans. Since the Super Bowl is just around the corner, I felt it prudent to show what I had without all the numbers and code in an effort to keep the video to a decent run time..

It is speculative at best, but from a ritual perspective, you must remember that this is a Music Industry ritual sacrifice and is primarily motivated by business needs, interests and profits.

While the music industry is clearly in league with DOD and the CIA, we should not think that the music industry does not work hand in hand with Hollywood and govt to achieve common goals.

The Louisiana sink hole has gotten worse and if timing is right, then I fear that it will be used to create a disaster that will necessitate the need for Martial Law.

There are many possible outcomes based on what if anything happens, but bare in mind that the dates, the historical deaths, the number 3, and a common song called Nuclear is in my opinion how the NWO communicates and codes their actions for all to see.

Such a disaster would serve as a well timed event for those in political trouble and with such a disaster, it could also begin the round up of those on lists while all attention is placed on some disaster. Regional and selective geographical roundups are to be expected in coordination to external events that the NWO might be engaged in.

With a quest for World War, some small nuclear device planted of course by Iranians could be the pretense to go to war. In such a way, Obama can say, they hated our freedoms and wanted to blow up the Super Bowl to show us the decadence of our ways

Anyway, stay alert and pay attention to the half time. I have a feeling its going to be a blast and will in the process if the blast is big enough, will also kill both football teams and will be the first super bowl game in football history to never be finished.

Such a loss of so many, could and would be milked for years by those in power.

Nuclear, song by Destiny’s Child 2003
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Web link to Half Time mention regarding the song Nuclear


The trio will perform their new song, “Nuclear.”

It’s the reunion R&B fans have been waiting for. Destiny’s Child will reportedly reunite at
Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will join Beyoncé on stage during her Super Bowl
half-time show and then the trio will perform a medley of Destiny’s Child hits including
their new song, “Nuclear.”

The performance would be their first in six years.

Beyoncé went on Facebook yesterday (Jan. 10) to announce the upcoming release of their compilation album, “Love Songs.” The 14-track album will be composed of romantic-themed songs the trio recorded between 1997-2004 except for “Nuclear.”

A publicist for Legacy Recordings confirms with Billboard that “Nuclear” is a newly recorded track. Sources also tell US Weekly that Bey’ is to debut a new song from her forthcoming fifth album during the “Finale” of her set.

What makes this last fact so ironic is that it could in fact be Beyonce’s last song.

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