The Sound of a Pendulum Wave – As Bounces with Harmonic Series Pitches – Bounce Metronome Pro This brings together ideas from Theremin’s Rhythmicon and the lovely pendulum waves. This version has starts at 52 beats per measure, going up to 67 beats per measure. Each part plays one of the harmonics in the harmonic series (from 1 up to 16).

To add some extra interest, each part changes in volume through a cycle of 16 notes, so that the emphasis changes so sometimes some are picked out and sometimes others.

For more videos of the rhythmicon (with sound) or to try it out yourself see:

This is an option for the Rhythmicon in the new Bounce 4.3 release.


A pendulum wave has pendulums with strings of varying length, which swing back and forth each at a different rate to make these beautiful patterns.

This video uses bouncing balls instead. The balls bounce on the horizontal plane at the exact moment the pendulum crosses the vertical line for the pendulum waves – so it plays in the same rhythm as a pendulum wave.

Theremin’s rhythmicon uses rhythms, varying from 1 to 16 beats per measure, played on harmonics 1 to 16. So it is much the same idea you just need to start at 52 beats per measure instead of 1.

For more about theremin’s rhytnmicon and to play it yourself, see my rhythmicon page

For more about pendulum waves see

For the pendulum wave video which inspired this one

and for a nice on-line applet to make interactive pendulum waves see

There are several other sonified pendulum waves on youtube including:

For another sonified pendulum wave see the video at the bottom of
- his simulation is matched up almost exactly with a film of a real-world pendulum wave :)


The Sorlo sprite is from the site here:

It’s licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license

So this video is released under the same license as is required by any derivative work.

Since I can’t release the source code for Bounce Metronome, I can’t include Sorlo in the installer, but have included it in an extra sprites package “plug in” you can download after you install the program.

Post time: 12-16-2016