The Father of Wearable Computing | Steve Mann | TEDxUTSC

Steve Mann speaks at 2016 TEDx event in Toronto.

Some of the companies Steve Mann has founded with his students:
Musical Instruments Using Water –
Augmented Reality Glasses –
Brainwave-Sensing Headband –

Steve Mann is widely regarded as “The Father of Wearable Computing”. His work as an artist, scientist, designer, and inventor made Toronto the world’s epicentre of wearable technologies in the 1980s. In 1992, Mann took an invention from Toronto to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founding the MIT Media Lab’s Wearable Computing Group. Some of Mann’s inventions include: the EyeTap Digital Eye Glass, predating the Google Glass by 30 years; the Smartwatch; HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging; the Hydraulophone, the world’s first musical instrument which makes music from water. Mann is Chief Scientist at Meta, a California-based company which raised 23 million to deliver AR glasses to the mass market. He is also Chief Scientist at the Creative Destruction Lab, a seed stage accelerator with Canada’s top angel investors. Mann received his PhD from MIT and is a tenured professor at the University of Toronto in various Engineering departments as well as in Computer Science and Forestry.

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Post time: 10-31-2016