ten BPM Metronome

ten Beats for every Moment Metronome click on with beats and 4/4 bars counting.

Larghissimo — incredibly, incredibly slow (19 BPM and beneath)
Grave — slow and solemn (20–40 BPM)

A metronome is any machine that creates normal, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) — settable in beats for every moment. These ticks characterize a set, normal aural pulse some metronomes also include things like synchronized visible motion (e.g. pendulum-swing). The metronome dates from the early nineteenth century, where it was patented by Johann Maelzel in 1815 as a device for musicians, beneath the title “Instrument/Machine for the Enhancement of all Musical Efficiency, identified as Metronome”

Post time: 11-23-2016