Sound of Pendulum Wave – Bounces + Harmonics – 123 to 138 beats for each evaluate – Bounce Metronome Professional This provides with each other concepts from Theremin’s Rhythmicon and the pretty pendulum waves. This edition has commences at 129 beats for each evaluate, going up to a hundred and forty four beats for each evaluate. Each section performs one of the harmonics in the harmonic series (from two up to sixteen).

To increase some additional curiosity, every section modifications in volume as a result of a cycle of twenty notes, so that the emphasis modifications so from time to time some are picked out and from time to time other people.

For more films of the rhythmicon (with audio) or to try out it out by yourself see:

This is an solution for the Rhythmicon in the new Bounce 4.3 three-launch


A pendulum wave has pendulums with strings of various length, which swing back and forth every at a different price to make these attractive designs.

This movie takes advantage of bouncing balls as a substitute. The balls bounce on the horizontal aircraft at the correct moment the pendulum crosses the vertical line for the pendulum waves – so it performs in the exact same rhythm as a pendulum wave.

Theremin’s rhythmicon takes advantage of rhythms, various from 1 to sixteen beats for each evaluate, performed on harmonics 1 to sixteen. So it is a great deal the exact same strategy you just need to have to start at 52 beats for each evaluate as a substitute of 1.

For more about theremin’s rhytnmicon and to enjoy it by yourself, see my rhythmicon site

For more about pendulum waves see

For the pendulum wave movie which inspired this one

and for a good on-line applet to make interactive pendulum waves see

There are various other sonified pendulum waves on youtube like:

For a different sonified pendulum wave see the movie at the bottom of
- his simulation is matched up just about particularly with a film of a serious-earth pendulum wave :)


The Sorlo sprite is from the web-site in this article: content/sorlo-a-amusing-sorcerer

It is certified beneath the Innovative Commons Share Alike license

So this movie is launched beneath the exact same license as is demanded by any derivative work.

Given that I are unable to launch the supply code for Bounce Metronome, I are unable to involve Sorlo in the installer, but have included it in an additional sprites package deal “plug in” you can download immediately after you install the system.

Appears Applied

Utilizes pizzicato ‘cello from Dan Dean’s solo strings, and Atmosphere for the reverb.

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