skeilib gui1 test2

the present condition of my framework’s gui subsystem.. observe that gtk-recordmydesktop recorded at 15fps, so the online video seems extra jerky than it is in fact.. in this article, on my machine, it truly is sleek as silk! :-) some of the widgets (like the waveform and grid widgets) in the online video would not do significantly, since this is predominantly a gui-exam, and predominantly screening the hierarchy and audio alignment/structure things.. also, i have a number of new widgets that i failed to increase to the exam but: menus, modal popups, png decoding, flex surfaces, and i’m doing work on a timeline, and a modular/graph widgets, which is practically finished.. and also, the widgets have been designed as primary as feasible.. it truly is particularly uncomplicated to make new widgets.. for instance, the two the knob and slider widgets, are just the identical as the benefit widget, but with a diverse, overloaded on_paint strategy.. the .so file is pretty small, all around 200k in this article, and only requires xlib/xrender..

Post time: 11-25-2016