Should you SELL your Camera Equipment because it’s DEPRECIATING?? – RANT

This is a response to a Matt Granger Video (That Nikon Guy) comments section of the video “Why I sold my Canon 1DX”
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Well, Matt Granger posted a video on his channel about him selling his Canon 1DX for a Nikon D800. He is selling it for a few different reasons, none of them which is important here. The reason that I made this video is to further elaborate on the comments I made in the comment section of the video. I had suggested that if it were me, I would keep the Canon 1dx. Someone else said that it is depreciating and that it is losing money. The conversation goes on from there as I was trying to explain what deprecation is and how it equals to an unrealized loss until you actually sell it. At that point, it becomes a realized loss.

Well, I hope I get my point across in this video and that you understand my views on selling a depreciating asset.

Remember, this video has nothing to do with Matt Granger’s reason for selling, as his points are valid reasons. This video is only to expand on my comments in the comment section.

Thanks for watching. Please feel free to comment if you wish and a big thumbs up if you like this video. :)

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Post time: 12-09-2016