Secrets of Playing Guitar Made Simple – Promo Video w/ testimonials

Revealing The “Secrets To Playing Guitar Made Simple”
By Guitar Faculty

“Ordinary Chinese Man Shares 10 Years Of Solid Experience
On Playing Guitar In An Extraordinary Book”

“Now You Can Own The Secrets To Playing Guitar Like the Pro Too!”

Get ready to learn some of the KEY ideas inside:
- How to read chord diagrams
- How to read TABS
- How to apply chord progressions
- How to name chords instantaneously
- How to construct chords
- How to play 20 most commonly played open-stringed chords
- How to play a total of 24 major and minor triads in inversions
- How to be prepared to play in ANY key anytime
- How to figure out family chords
- How to transpose keys in double quick time
- How to plan and arrange a song structure
- How to lead the atmosphere using family chords
- How to lead a live performance session using hand signals
- … And more!

Post time: 09-04-2017