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EARLY Learning Collection(PRE-University)



Musical instruments can be broadly defined as any product designed for the function of making musical appears. All instruments can be listed in just one of the six significant groups: Wind, String, Percussion, Brass, keyboard and Digital instruments. In this DVD, we existing your children with some of the most intriguing instruments all around the planet. Permit your children see, hear and delight in the Audio of New music.

one. Bass Trumpet 2. Banjo 3. Piccolo 4. Nadaswaram 5. Accordion 6. Cornet 7. Guitar 8. Irish Flute nine. Kettle Drum 10. Harmonium eleven. Horn 12. Bordonua 13. Santoor fourteen. Bombard 15. Conga sixteen. Gong 17. Flugelhorn 18. Guzheng 19. Pan Flute 20. Xylophone 21. Trumpet 22. Ektara 23. Chenda 24. Venu Flute 25. Tambourine 26. Tuba 27. Cittern 28. Clarinet 29. Djembe 30. Trombone 31. Babendil 32. Mandolin 33. Saxhorn 34. Bagpipes 35. Jal Tarang 36. Bugle 37. Sitar 38. Dholak 39. Harp forty. Digital Organ forty one. Drumkit 42. Sarangi 43. Taiko forty four. Rauschpfeife 45. Mirudangam 46. Euphonium forty seven. Tabla 48. Sarod forty nine. Thavil 50. Veena fifty one. Bongo Drums 52. Wagner Tuba fifty three. Shinobue fifty four. Dhol 55. Kanjira fifty six. Vienna Horn fifty seven. Piano fifty eight. Shehnai 59. Tambura sixty. Ghatam sixty one. Violin 62. Eigenharp 63. Synthesizer 64. Rudra Veena 65. Midi Keyboard 66. Saxophone sixty seven. Continuum Fingerboard

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