Percussive Whip Cracking

The intention here was to have the whip cracking be an accompaniment to the music, rather then the other way around. In other words, I wanted to see if one can make the music sound better, if whips were used as a percussion instrument. Not an original thought, I am sure, but I wanted try my hand at it.

I set a pocket metronome to the same speed as the song in 4/4 beat and just cracked to the beat without music. (It didn’t turn out very good when I was cracking to the music directly.) I used a headphone so the metronome wouldn’t be heard. I let the camera roll while was I just cracked away to the beat.

On my pc I spliced the “acceptable” segments together, added the sound track, and synchronized all segments with the music. I tried a bit of choreography, moving around the segments so the sequence would make some sense. Then I added some special effects (some rather cheesy!).

Overall I found that its not easy to make the music sound better when it already has percussion in it. But there are some spots where the whips did contribute positively to the song, I thought. It’d sound better if the music were composed with whips in it from the beginning. Anyhow, it was fun experiment.

Post time: 09-20-2017