OGRE Guitars, Pedals and Accessories at Nevada Music


Landing July 2015 in PMT Portsmouth are some of the coolest pedals, guitars and accessories we’ve ever seen from the awesome guys at “OGRE” instruments. We have 3 guitar pedals which look like they have come straight off the set of Aliens! The Tubeholic Overdrive, the Thunderclap Distortion and the Kronomaster Analogue delay. We have the amazing Magnox M2 all metal guitar, made from Magnesium and fitted with high quality options for Seymour Duncan pickups and different bridges and the soon to be in everyones xmas stockings, the metal pick holder trunk and pick holder necklace and keyrings.

The pedals are all designed by top notch musicians so this is not just about a pretty case ! they sound great ! Turn them on and blue LED eyes stare at you, super cool, and the clever lifting lid both protects and makes sure your settings don’t get changed by accident. The Magnox M2 guitar is just awesome! It looks amazing in the flesh, it will turn heads everywhere! Be prepared to be the centre of attention and talk a lot about this one ! Although its made from metal, magnesium !, its not at all heavy, chambered for weight relief ! The all metal neck feels just like a regular neck, smooth, fast and not at all odd or difficult to play. Add some decent pickups, hardware and a sensible price, and you’ve got a guitar that you’ll want to gig over and over ! They even do a bass guitar version too ! Last but not least, they offer a couple of great little accessories, a metal pick trunk, a pick holder keyring and a pick holder necklace. If your stuck for a present for a musician or want to treat yourself, these great little OGRE’s will be just the job. Check em out now ! xxx Steve at PMT Portsmouth




Post time: 12-02-2016