Nefertiti – Miles Davis Wayne Shorter Herbie Hancock – practicing to metronome

This is an illustration of practicing playing with a metronome. On the Pianoworld discussion board, there was a thread on the chords to this piece, and there was yet another thread on utilizing a metronome to enjoy. I decided to combine these and enjoy Nefertiti to a metronome to put an illustration out there. I have the metronome established at fifty six bpm. When it is this slow, I let it click on the upbeat (the AND) of 123 and four. For speedier tunes, it clicks on the downbeat of two and four. My objective when I am practicing to a metronome is to definitely concentrate on the move and get as deep in the pocket as I can. When you definitely get into the pocket, it ought to sound like the metronome is subsequent you, and not the other way all-around. I have times of that, but it is far more of an aspiration. Sorry the metronome isn’t really louder. I miscalculated it’s placement length from the microphone.

Re: Nefertiti : Some tunes definitely lend them selves well to the piano….This is not one particular of them!
On the 1968 Miles album, the horns played the melody about and about whilst the rhythm portion improvised to their recurring melody. I just attempted to give an perception of the tune without getting incredibly precise about what I was playing. I remaining a lot of voicings out, so the sound of the chords could be inferred by the listener, filling in the blanks.

Post time: 10-30-2016