Musical Devices Appears BASS GUITAR Preschool Kindergarten

Listen to the exciting sounds of the BASS GUITAR as an introduction for learning this musical instrument. See what the BASS GUITAR seems to be like and hear it currently being performed! Verify out our other musical devices videos! Thank you Jeremy White for participating in the BASS GUITAR for us!
Join us each and every Wednesday for far more musical instrument introduction videos and let us know if there is an instrument you would like to see in a video!
TAMBOURINE: out?v=bIz7bOoNuf0

DRUM: out?v=5gyubrby2Pc

GUITAR: out?v=gFHSGQ16oYw


AUTOHARP: out?v=Yi9gH2XJKfk

BELLS: out?v=vOWiwnIeudg

MARACAS: out?v=H7nhpY-Z8aE

Post time: 11-15-2016