Music Malaysia – Multi-Instrumentalist Eizaz Azhar live on TV3′s MHI – Part 2: Ayat Ayat Cinta

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Malaysian multi-instrumentalist Eizaz Azhar plays his rendition of the popular song “Ayat-Ayat Cinta” by the Indonesian singer Rossa live on the Malaysian national television popular talkshow, Malaysia Hari Ini (translation: Malaysia Today) or MHI for short. Eizaz and Ray were featured as special guests as their one-man-band videos were spotted by the producer Ally Iskandar who aired them on television. Eizaz and Ray can be found on Facebook:

Equipment used: Eizaz uses the Flagship Clarinet with PV250 Clarinet Pickup and custom barrel by the manufacturer Bass Poullath. The items are available at Mama Treble Clef Studio and are very limited in quantity.
Bass Guitar: Austin 4-String
Acoustic Guitar: Flagship Solid Body
Clarinet: Flagship Bb Soprano
Saxophone: Flagship Eb Alto
Flute: Flagship Closed-hole C flute
Metronome and Tuner : Fzone

All instruments played by Eizaz Azhar
Venue, facilities and instruments sponsored by
Mama Treble Clef Studio and ER Studios

Recorded in ER Studios. Camera & lighting by Ray Lee. Mixed, mastered and edited by Eizaz Azhar. Engineered by Eizaz Azhar. Arranged and performed by Eizaz Azhar. For best listening results play video on large external speakers or a good pair of headphones as laptop speakers are unable to reproduce many of the frequencies.

Mama Treble Clef Studio & ER Studios are located at:
Lot 3015, 3rd Floor, Endah Parade, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA
Tel : +603-95432201

Post time: 11-30-2016