Metronome Lesson – Guitar and Music Tips and Tricks, Episode 1 of 7.

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In this first installment of David’s seven part series on Tips and Tricks in Guitar and Music he talks about all the different uses of practicing with a Metronome. Learning new chord changes, practicing scales and even working with different time signatures.

David is a virtuoso solo finger style World-Jazz guitarist and composer from Scotland. For many years he was based in the UK playing in several bands. In 2009, after having a lesson with the award-winning guitarist Martin Taylor, he decided to concentrate on an international Solo Jazz Guitar career.
With a career spanning over 12 years as a professional performing musician, David has worked in partnership with worldwide figures such as Adam Rafferty,Funky fingerstyle guitarist; Ahmed Dickinson, Cuban Classical guitarist; Si Hayden, Virtuoso Guitarist and Bass Player; Alison Affleck, award winning Jazz vocalist; Marcus Bonfanti, Blues guitarist, “Tony Abaddon Bray”, Ex Venom drummer and Calum Mackie, Bombskare saxophonist.
In April 2012, he released his first solo Jazz guitar album “Resonance”. So far, he has performed solo concerts in Scotland, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the U.S.A. and Mexico. Nowadays, David’s compositions are a blend of the different musical genres he has played over the last 17 years, such as Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Heavy Metal, Reggae and traditional Scottish music. He manages to create a lasting impression on every music lover by merging classic and modern sounds with spectacular execution and outstanding improvisational skill. His solo performances have met raving reviews from promoters and gig goers. The mixture of extraordinary ability on the instrument, passion and a relaxed stage presence make each performance enjoyable for any kind of audience.
David is nowadays collaborating with other renowned musicians all over the world, but at least once a year he goes back home to share his travelling experiences and new compositions with his homeland.




“ They say a picture paints a thousand words, but MacGregor’s strings do an equally stunning job” – Jen Bowden, Dunfermline Press
“There is not much to say… You are a great player!” – Peter Finger, World Famous Acoustic Guitarist from Germany
“One word can describe the way he plays… EXCELLENT, His tone and crystal clear picking is awesome!” – James Ferris, Nº 1 Blues Artist in Dallas Texas.
“David Macgregor gives an incredible performance. Whoever said talent is dead has to see this guy.”– Darren Brown, FullMusic Reviews
“Reminds me of Pat Metheny’s ‘One Quite Night’ – and that as some of you may know is a very very good thing.” – The Boogie Bothers in Scotland
“…The sound of one man and his guitar–no effects, no overdubs, nothing else added just the sound of electric guitar played with wonder, feeling and a heart of gold.” – Andy Garibaldi, Radio North Angus
“David’s style combines both a driving attack and mellow lyrical passages, keeping the listener alert and engaged with the improvisation. His use of complex cords and dynamic changes is always interesting and he leaves one with a sense of wanting to hear more and indeed to listen again in the expectation of hearing something new from the changes and ideas which he weaves around the melody. His approach echoes some of the great players whilst remaining fresh and challenging. I’m sure we’ll hear more from him in the future.” – Edwyn Newman, Leith FM

Post time: 12-19-2016