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Plugs directly into the CD music input plug on all 2001-2010 Honda Goldwing GL1800 audio systems. Allows you to store and play up to 1,000 songs from your music library, replacing the Honda CD Changer.

Plug in your Apple iPod®, iPhone™, iPod touch®, iPod shuffle® with your favorite music files stored, and toggle thru song after song using your existing handlebar audio system controls, without discharging your iPod’s internal battery.

iTunes – Besides being able to use your iPod device or iPhone directly, if you also want the flexibility of using your songs using an SD Card or USB thumb drive you can convert the default iTunes AAC extension to MP3 inside of iTunes.

Plug in your remote mounted Satellite radio receiver or MP3 player, using the 3.5mm 3-conductor plug accessory cable and enjoy high-quality stereo music thru the Honda audio system CD selection.

Link by Bluetooth® your cell phone or Garmin® Zumo to the player and your cell phone conversations or navigation commands will automatically prioritize OVER whichever music files are being played at the time, allowing hands free cell phone conversations, by both the driver and passenger thru their J&M brand helmet headsets.

If your cell phone/smart phone also contains stored stereo music files, they will stream via Bluetooth, into the music player and on thru to the GL-1800 audio system.

Control head mounts down into the base inside the tail trunk, in place of the CD changer, along with the custom J&M microphone signal adapter harness, as a complete plug-n-play installation.

This digital music player/cell phone kit includes a direct plug-n-play harness for the GL-1800 audio system, SD card reader/adapter, USB cable extension for iPod, 3.5mm aux extension cable for satellite radio or MP3 player, pre-loaded 4Gb test SD card, pre-gummed Velcro mounting strips and complete installation and operation instructions.
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Post time: 10-23-2017