Initial Phasing Section of Steve Reich’s Piano Stage in Bounce Metronome – Initial Add Mid Debug

Just testing the combination of the rhythm phasing options of Bounce with the new abc options with the first phasing portion of Steve Reich’s Piano Stage. It truly is turned up a several bugs which I am correcting proper now. But it truly is taking part in it ok. This is just recorded dwell. I will do a good export afterwards. The instrument in this article is the Kontakt Berlin Live performance Grand.

The abc notation is
Steve Reich Piano Stage – first phasing portion, fastesr phasing!

Section one E F* B C^ D’ F^ E C^’ B F^ D’ C^’
Section 2 E F* B C^ D’ F^ E C^’ B F^ D’ C^’ VaryTempoBy one.0052

exactly where the VaryTempoBy is not part of the abc regular but an added option in Bounce Metronome. You could alternatively do it as 100.52%. I worked it out as (16*twelve+one)/(16*twelve), so that the rhythm comes collectively right after 16 steps. Exact range would be one.00520833333

The most important problem for the programming is that it does rhythm phasing by utilizing tons of copies of the measure internally. It really designed this with 2500 similar steps in every single part – the default options. The final result is that it uses a whole lot of memory, just storing all the steps. It performs ok, but no rationale genuinely it has to make them with so several similar steps

Post time: 12-06-2016