How to Practise With a Metronome in a Relaxed, Enjoyable & Precise Way – 1. the Vanishing Click

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Andrew Lewis’s Rhythm, What it is and how to improve your sense of it

Mac Santiago’s “Beyond the Metronome:

Many metronome links including on-line material about metronome technique here:

Includes the online material on metronome technique.
Also has: links for the history of the metronome, microtiming and tempo variation and so on.


Psycho acoustics


flute with oboe
- good page on the Vienna Symphonic Library site about some of the often used instrument combinations of Flute with other instruments

- there is a similar page for any of the instruments in the orchestra.

There is a great post here about click tracks and natural human variation in tempo with graphs from various songs:

You can make your own plots here:

This shows the plot for Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata as played by Maurizio Pollini


Here are some videos of natural musical rhythms – just a few to get you started – notice how the tempo keeps changing subtly, no two measures are the same.

Here is a pinterest board with all of the videos here and any linked to later in this video:

Gamelan music rhythm structure:

Some videos:
Traditional Gamelan video:

Javanese gamelan: music and dance

Bali Gamelan

Gamelan Bali (Balinese Gamelan) – Traditional Music

Flamenco music

Spanish guitar

Example of scottish fiddling playing

Shetland Fiddle : Gibbie Gray

A tune said to be from the “little people” heard by the player’s great grandfather:

Shetland Fiddle Music/Scottish Fiddle Music

African Drumming


Ewe drumming

Ewe drumming and dance RAKU – Noko Ye Dzen Culture Group

Tshwane Traditional Dancers

Another very different style of rhythm from Africa – the Efe peoples music (aka Pygmies) – wonderful very relaxed kind of rhythms here.

Polynesian water drunming

African version of water drumming:

You can find many more videos of these traditions of rhythm via youtube searches

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