How To Gig For Under £500 – Gigging Guitar Rig Shopping Challenge!!

Rob & Capt go shopping again, but this time the challenge is to buy a guitar & an amp that you could gig with, with a budget of £500 (for USA peeps, that means about $650. Note to USA peeps, when we say £500 in the UK, this is inclusive of our 20% sales tax. Without sales tax £500 = £416 which roughly = $650).
Can it be done?? We’ll see!

If you don’t want to know what we end up with stop reading here.

So Chappers ends up with a Jackson JS32T Kelly, an Orange Micro Terror & a Blackstar HTV112.
The Capt ends up with a Squier Vintage Modified HSS Strat & a Blackstar TVP ID30.

Want to know more about any of the gear you see in this video? Well rock on over to & all will be revealed!

Who wins? You decide!
And please petition to have the word Shaffordable added to the English dictionary!!


Lee & Rob

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Post time: 08-26-2017