Guitar Practice Space – Why You Can And SHOULD Have An Awesome One

If you want to be successful in playing awesome guitar one thing that can really help you is to have an organized and comfortable practice space. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. I prefer a private space right and closed the door so I don’t bother other people in the house. If you have a room you can do this then that’s great. If not find a corner in the house that you can set your stuff up and everybody agrees to leave it.
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The tools I like to have handy is my metronome, guitar tuner, music stand, footstool, and a small table to put everything on. You might also like to have a guitar stand.

It’s important to have a good comfortable chair with back support.

Two things that might not seem so obvious:
1) have a notebook and pen ready to write notes.
2) a timer like an egg timer. I use my iPhone.

I explained more about why these two things are important and how to use them in my blog post titled Practice Corner… How to Set Up Your Guitar Practice Space

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Post time: 08-25-2017