Free Online Metronome & Click Track – Mobile & Desktop Friendly

Free online metronome and click track:

This free online click track is mobile friendly and includes all the features that you need in a metronome.

We want everyone in the world to have easy and free access to the tools they need in order to learn music. That’s why we have created this free suite of music tools and haven’t hidden them behind a members only area.

Here’s what’s included in our FREE suite:

1. Music Research Engine:

2. Metronome

3. Piano Chord Finder:

4. Guitar & Ukulele Basic Chord Dictionary:

5. Guitar Chord Finder:

6. Backing Tracks:

7. Guitar Video Lessons

8. Free eBooks On Practice Tips

9. Inspirational Music Quote Images

10. Printable Music Sheets

About our free online metronome

You can set the beats per minute with specific accuracy or you can tap out the tempo you would like and the web app will calculate your BPM and match it.

Want to set your own time signature?

So many online metronomes only offer the 4/4 time signature. That’s not the case with this one. You can select from any of the major time signatures.

This metronome works on most devices, so if you need a click track to practice to then you can use an iPhone, Android device or even a tablet to access this metronome.

No annoying and weird sounds!

It’s a common thing. You search around on Google for a free online click track and, when you find one that works on your device, it sounds awful! Not this one. Our metronome uses professional sounds, exactly the same as the sounds you will record to in any recording studio in the world.

Learn to keep time.

Keeping time is one of the most important skills of any musician. If you wish to record in a studio or perform with an orchestra… or even simply perform for your family at the next BBQ, then you’ll need to keep good time.

If you speed up then slow down, no one can sing with you or play another instrument with you. You might say that keeping time is what turns a student into a musician because, without this skill, you’ll remain isolated musically.

Do you teach music in students’ homes?

How handy is it to be able to access a free metronome from your phone. You will now be able to tutor your students on the vital skill of performing to a click track… no matter where you choose to teach.

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Post time: 09-22-2017