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Staring at the fretboard Vs Owning it

Notice You in Movie

Vicente Amigo’s mirror

Just will need 2 items to find out
Notice You in Movie
Do it yourself…and be confused eternally
Leaning flamenco online
Variation amongst outdated-fashioned and Modern-day guitars
How to Apply

Paco Vs Common

* 00:14 (David by John Mc laughlin)
Ex.2/ 11:16 (solo above Chanela one)
Ex.3/ 02:00 Subject

5 common misunderstandings

one) That is all about emotion and not system.
2) That the “Duende” is all a thriller.
3) That there is no will need to depend (out loud) to find out the rhythm.
4) That it can take a ton of hours to get items carried out.
5) That using the metronome is a “classical” thing and not for flamenco.


5 popular notions which are faulty

one) That system is monotonous to practice.
2) That is the amount of money of time of practice that counts.
3) That studying a little bit of quite a few items is superior than leaning 1 deeply.
4) That participating in as a pastime is much less than participating in “professionally”
5) That 1 can not realize.


On Feb.25/2015 is presently 1 yr of Paco´s disappearance
(and I generate 4 movies to don’t forget him as a Tribute)

one) My Homage to Paco de Lucia (unforgettable instructor

2) Paco advocate improvisation as THE route to be followed

3) Paco and his essential conflict with monotonous + obsolete “tradition”

4) Paco´s recommend to use an normal metronome for practice

“Variation amongst outdated-fashioned and Modern-day guitars”


Notice Your Taking part in in Movie

Do you practice in entrance of a mirror…?

Ought to we practice in entrance of a mirror…?

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