Deadmau5 vs Daft Punk Mega Mix By Booda AKA

I just wanna say that “THIS WAS THE LONGEST MEGA MIX I WORKED ON SINCE THE HOILDAY MIX.” This project took over 2 months to make and it took a week to process the video. I use so many music equipments and online programs to get this right. When I first made this, it was about 10 minutes long and the songs was not too perfect for the mix. So, I look up a bunch of song and did a lot of beat matching and did it again. The second time it was 45 minutes long and the song was still not perfect enough to fix the mix. So, I went out and bought a lot of music equipments and 2 online music programs. It about 2 week for me to learn how to use the equipment. So, I tried it again and it came out perfect. Then, I load it up on my desktop and right when I was about to get done, my computer crash. I was mad as hell that my computer crash and I was mad that I didnt save anything. So, a month went by and between that month I was listening to songs, mixing song, finding beats, and adding my own taste to it. I was finally done and to prevent the cause from the desktop, I switch to my laptop. It was done and all I have to do now is process it. Which took about like a week. Now here it is, the mega mix that been a pain in my ass for the longest. Hope you Enjoy!!!!!
Songs In Order:
0:00 Deadmau5- Strobe ft. Daft Punk- Technologic (Intro)
1:18 Daft Punk- Technologic
2:44 Deadmau5- The Oshawa Connection
4:29 Deadmau5- 8 Bit
6:35 Deadmau5- Bounce
9:18 Daft Punk- Daftendirekt
11:04 Daft Punk- Da Funk(Casino Inc. Remix)
12:44 Deadmau5- Animals Rights
14:14 Deadmau5- A City in Florida(Krafty Kuts Remix)
15:55 Daft Punk- Steam Machine(Booda AKA Edit)
17:58 Daft Punk- Rollin & Scratcin(Keatch Remix)
19:24 Daft Punk- Revolution 909
22:00 Deadmau5- Word Problems
24:17 Daft Punk- Teachers(Extended Mix)
26:27 Daft Punk- Oh Yeah
28:14 Deadmau5- 1981(Adan K Remix)
30:00 Deadmau5- Cthulhu Sleeps
31:10 Deadmau5- Dr. Funkenstein(Digital Head Remix)
33:20 Deadmau5- Arguru
35:25 Daft Punk- The Brainwasher
37:33 Daft Punk- Human After All
40:12 Daft Punk- Robot Rock
41:57 Daft Punk- Voyager
43:22 Deadmau5- I Remember(Instrumental Mix)
46:29 Daft Punk- Derrezed(DJ Freezes Remix)
48:36 Daft Punk- Around The World(Kid Dub Remix)
51:22 Deadmau5- Sofi Needs A Ladder
53:10 Deadmau5- Moar & Moar Ghosts n Stuff(DJ Freezes Mash-Up)
56:53 Daft Punk- One More Time(DJ Somiak Remix)
59:15 Deadmau5- Some Chords
01:01:06 Deadmau5- Raise Your Weapon(DJ Freezes Remix)
01:04:12 Daft Punk- Digital Love(Algeronics Remix)
01:07:17 Deadmau5- One Trick Pony
01:09:32 Deadmau5- Faxing Berlin(Gritfa Dubstep Remix)
01:11:36 Daft Punk- Face to Face
01:14:39 Daft Punk- Crescendolls
01:16:41 Deadmau5- Hi Friend
01:18:12 Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger(El Barto & Liam B Remix)
01:19:38 Daft Punk- The Game Has Changed
01:20:34 Daft Punk- End of The Line
01:22:31 Daft Punk- Outlands
01:24:40 Deadmau5- Strobe
01:27:14 Daft Punk- Tron End Credits and My Credits

Post time: 09-16-2017