Chinese Flutes Craziness

One man with over 20 musical instruments all played in one flow, a music marathon by Mak Jo Si, the awesome guy to make you smile!


The musical instruments used in this video are:
Hing (the bowl)
Cheap Bamboo Dizi – D Key
Cheap Bamboo Dizi – G key
Cheap bamboo Dizi – F key
Xun – big size, 10 holes
Xun – small size, 9 holes
Hau Dek (Mouth Dizi) – with 5 finger holes
Hau Dek (Mouth Dizi) – with 2 finger holes
Chinese Drum
Japanese flute (Shakuhatchi)
Xiao – Northern style, long, purple bamboo in F key, 8 holes
Xiao – Northern Style with root head, in G key 6 holes
Xiao – Souther Style in G key, old red wood, 8 holes
Xiao – Northern Style in G key, bamboo, 6 holes
Guan Zi (short pipe, with reed)
Professional Dizi (s) in Bass A, Bass G, D, C, G, E, F, Bb…etc..

Post time: 08-23-2017