this is non profit use video,all music rights belongs to original composers;-)CASIO AP 45 PRESET SOUNDS WITH CASIO CHORUS, REVERB,BRILLIANCE ON 5 AND YAMAHA AW 16 G EQUALIZER.
Title: Casio AP-45 Celviano Digital Piano
Description: With brand new Dual Wave stereo samples, courtesy of the ZPI sound source, the AP-45 contains all of the features any discerning pianist would desire from a digital piano. The wonderfully rounded sound is delivered via a 2-way speaker system, housed within an elegant cabinet design you would expect from a piano within the Celviano range.

Manufacturer: Casio
Catalogue no: AP-45
Series: Casio Celviano Digital Pianos
Further details: Features Include:
Keys (full size) 88
Touch Response 3 sensitivity levels, off
Song Memory 1 song, 2 tracks, up to 8000 notes
1 tracks x 1 songs, up to 2,500 notes, real time recording
Slide type keyboard cover Yes
Dual Wave Stereo Sampling Yes
Keyboard Naturally Scaled Hammer Action
Tones 16
Layer Split Yes
Console Buttom Pannel Yes
Digital Effects 16
Polyphony 64-Note
Pedals 3 (damper, soft, sostenuto)
Size (WxDxH) 1380 x 448 x 838mm
Speakers) 4 x 20w + 20w with Audio Outputs
Weight 46 kg

Piano Bench Not Included
You set the tone with the AP-45. The Celviano AP-45 is equipped with the ZPI sound source and thus provides sound in the best grand piano quality – with up to 64 note polyphony. 88 touch-sensitive keys also ensure you will have the original piano feeling when playing.
88 Weighted Keys (Hammer Action)

88 Weighted Keys (Hammer Mechanism)The 88 weighted keys on the AP-45 are based on a scaled hammer mechanism – similar to a grand piano.
64-Note Polyphony

64-Note PolyphonyNow your living room becomes a studio: The AP-45 plays up to 32 notes simultaneously.
16 tones

16 tones16 excellent quality tones are available to you – for sound which is really close to that of an acoustic grand piano.
ZPI Sound Source

ZPI Sound SourceFor sounds in the best grand piano tradition: The integrated ZPI-sound source bases itself on your touch and picks up appropriate samples.
66 Rehearsal Songs

66 Rehearsal SongsThere is something here for every taste: With 66 rehearsal songs you will learn a wide range of different styles.

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