Cannonball Run by Gordon Goodwin – Cannonball Musical Instruments

The musicians who own & operate Cannonball Music perform the debut recording of Gordon Goodwin’s new song, Cannonball Run:

Tevis Laukat, President (soprano)
Randal Clark, Alto/Soprano Specialist (alto)
Ryan Lillywhite, Tenor/Baritone Specialist (tenor)
Daron Bradford, Clarinet/Flute Specialist (baritone)
Guest artist Dr. Ray Smith, Cannonball Artist (tenor)

Melanie Shore, Piano
Jay Lawrence, Drums and Percussion
Rich Dixon, Guitar
Matt Larson, Bass

Jeff Carter, Engineering and Mixing
Recorded at Ray Smith’s Studio 10

This arrangement has now been published by Alfred Music! Visit for details.

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Post time: 12-14-2016