ArtEco Band-Recycled musical instruments band-LIVE concert ” Ποσο σ’αγαπω “

The ArtEco Band is one new and unique band in all over the world,…. from Greece.
Use only recycled , artistic and ecological music instruments ,made from used and alternative materials (paper,denim,synthetic leather ,etc…).
My musical instruments are made entirely and all , from paper and textiles – fabric and there are not a wooden musical instruments , coated from paper or textiles – fabric.
The band at the moment ,consists of 3 musicians, playing a piano made ​​of paper and cloth, a guitar made ​​of paper & denim and a Cajon made ​​of paper.
The repertoire of the band moving in the range of artistic (ballads ,slow rock ,etc) , music,in Greek and English .This is from the first Live concert.
I hope you like it….

Post time: 09-19-2017