aLIEz – ED 2 [Piano]

Below is my piano include of aLIEz, the second ending track of Aldnoah.Zero, which aired final summertime 2014.
My arrangement for aLIEz is the religious successor of my Bios (Responsible crown) arrangement I did years in the past, due to the fact it features a ton of large left hand jumps and it can be from the identical composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, known for composing the soundtrack of Get rid of la Get rid of, Responsible Crown and Shingeki no Kyojin.
The pretty initially issue I found when listening to aLIEz is the ever-present drumset, continuously taking part in an off-beat rhythm all over the total piece. That’s why I experimented with to imitate the “off-beat” in the left hand as nicely by continuously taking part in a distinct off-beat rhythm, completely impartial of the appropriate hand. There are numerous polyrhythmic passages in this arrangement, and I recommend you to master the piece with a metronome initially, to get the correct rhythm on the two hands. Also, a good left hand / appropriate hand coordination is pretty practical here to participate in this arrangement correctly.
Equivalent to my former piano arrangements of Hiroyuki Sawanos compositions (blumenkranz – Get rid of la Get rid of OST, Bios – Responsible Crown OST, Assault on Titan OST), you can go ALL out with the volume this time. In particular the area starting at 2:fifty three should be performed in the most convincing forte fortissimo ever, the complete piano should be shaking at this stage, and just about every listener should trembling with awe.

This complete piece is essentially a rhythm etude to teach the coordination of the two of your hands. Plus it features quite a few guitar riffs. And drums. Lots of drums.
My next venture right before the livestream event is a smaller sized venture I concluded lengthy time in the past, and it can be the initially Opening of the Pokemon Television anime collection – GOTTA Catch ‘EM ALL! That’s appropriate all people, it can be THAT track, which you were singing alongside when you were a baby. (like me). It is really only Television-sized even though, but I have concluded the sheet years in the past without ever uploading a video clip of it.
I think it can be about time to give this practically-forgotten arrangement of mine a appropriate introduction.

Very well then, Pokemon OP will be uploaded on this saturday!
And also search ahead to the livestream event on 21th november! Additional data will be published on Facebook quickly.


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Piano arrangement by Animenz

First Song: aLIEz
Anime: Aldnoah.Zero
Released by: DefSTAR Records
Composed by: Hiroyuki Sawano
Done by: Mizuki

Post time: 10-27-2016