Again to Bassics

A bit of a talky-sort video clip for a improve, just me rambling on for a bit

And Naturally, bettering oneself isn’t really confined to just bass playing, you can use this to any section of your existence


Why I hate working towards with the metronome: there is actually no justification, all people who cares about audio need to get their timing down and a excellent way is to follow with some sort of time-maintaining system. But when I however played piano, I try to remember drilling scales and items non-halt with a metronome and it delivers again actually horrid recollections (my piano finding out experiences were unforgettably torturous). I swore I would by no means want to find out an instrument like I learnt the piano so I averted very substantially every little thing to do with the piano. But I guess this has to improve some time or an additional!

Post time: 12-13-2016