400 BPM Line

We manufactures Aerated Soft Drink, Fruit Juice & Mineral Water Fillers having 60,75 valves and 15 Crowner/cappers, operating at speeds of 500 bottles per minute. Bottle Washers of 20wide / 25wide / 30wide / 34 Wide/ 40 wide / 43 Wide & 45 Wide bottles and having one/two/three/four soaking compartments running at speeds of 300 BPM to 720 bottles per minute are built. A Matching capacity Proportion Mixers, Carbonators and Conveyors are also offered. Automatic Case/Carton de-craters and case packers are also manufactured of matching capacity.

Apart from Soft Drinks, We also manufacturers equipment for Breweries, Distilleries as well as Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics. Pressure Sensitive Labelling Machines, Coding and Inspection machines, Screw Cappers, Carton Erectors and Sealers are some packaging machines in the range. The capacity and efficiency of our Machines are continuously being enhanced. We provide cost effective solutions with the lowest capital investment coss to our clients

Post time: 09-27-2017